Covid-19 & Sailing holidays

Last Update 01 Apr 2023

The recent pandemic crisis of covid-19 will be irreversibly written in our planet’s history books. Same goes for its permanent trace to our conscious.

Within a few months of time, not only covid-19 caused or triggered thousands of deaths around the globe but also affected negatively the daily life and the financial position of so many families. Opened new thinking paths and certainly new habits in our brains.

Greece faced covid-19 in a brave way and managed to stay on the white lists for most incoming travellers.

A natural question for all of us for the upcoming months -in the shade of the ongoing vaccination and gradual release of travelling restrictions- is: what is the safest vacation options this summer?

Sailing holidays, being most of the time on a boat, far away from crowds look very safe to start with.

Are sailing holidays really safe?

Undoubtedly sailing holidays are truly safe. Staying at your floating home (that sails in a different beautiful place every day) is very safe, mainly due to the natural social distancing for everyone on board.

We have not to forget of course a few parameters that directly affect the safety levels related to covid-19: The route and the visited places, the time spent on land, the chosen places for our meals, our transfers to and from the boat and the check-in process, the proper preparation and cleaning of the yacht and the health of the skipper and the passengers.


Travel limitations & Cancelation terms

We are positive that travel restrictions will have been in time for starting the season without affecting our departures. Progress is being made with vaccination plans across the countries. We constantly monitor the situation closely. If travel is not possible, we will contact you individually to discuss your options which can include rebooking to a later date or a full refund.


How we enhanced the -already safe- concept of sailing to the safest holidays for this year

Responding with social responsibility to all the above points, SailwithGeorge does rely to luck, going ahead to the following proactive measures applied to all our departures.

Health testingĀ  – Acting proactively

A negative PCR Covid 19 test within 72 hours of travel for all passengers and crew seems that will be requested for any trips to run safely this season. We still await further advice and confirmation on this. Those that are vaccinated already, will need to obtain a certificate as this most probably will facilitate travel

Professional cleaning of boat

We have applied a strict policy regarding yacht preparation and proper cleaning. The cleaning process is suitable and bullet proof to be confident that the yacht is covid-19 free. The used detergents are certified for such usage. The quality control of the cleaning process is in place and assures safety as an extra layer.

Fast & safe embarkation

The routes are adapted to start either from Athens (short drive from Athens International airport) or from Syros island which is accesible by plane and ferry but also by private sea transfer (Lavrio to Syros, 1hr 45min). SailwithGeorge is happy to organise those sea transfers for you.

Carefully designed routes

Listening to your wishes, we are choosing more remote places this season, which offer optional activities on land but not necessary in crowed places and meals at outdoor tavernas. Our boats are sufficiently equipped to spend nights on anchor in secluded bays.

Avoiding the crowds

Your provisioning can be optionally arranged, supporting you to avoid spending time in super markets. All our boats are featured with sufficient water tanks and a generator so that we can optionally spend extended time anchored in bays instead of ports.

Private sea transfers

Our all weather Targa 25 is part of our fleet and offers the optional service of remote check-in/out, sea transfers to check-in point and vice versa on check-out and of course emergency intervention if and where needed. Uncompromised privacy for all our passengers.